Cleric, Dragonborn , Frozen Sun


Beacon’s Appearance – Beacon’s appearance is both functional and simple. He wears clothing indicative of his order, which is predominantly white with blue and sliver markings and trim. This is further accented by his silver colored armor and implements. Beacon’s scales turn pure sliver during bouts of depression or extreme study, and pure white during fits of rage. Under normal circumstances his commonly exposed scales are darker silver, while regions often protected from sunlight are lighter in color. His eyes are white with dark silver pupils. Ultimately, Beacon desires to maintain his albino silver disposition, because he believes a fully enlightened white/silver dragon would acquire a permanent, mixed skin tone. Beacon, unlike most modern dragonborn, possess a tail. Tails have been disappearing from later dragonborn as the bloodlines continue fading. Nevertheless, trueborns still retain this distinctly draconic feature.

Beacon’s Quirks – Beacon has a tendency to think with his tail. When perplexed by a difficult philosophical conundrum he will often begin to lightly rap the end of his tail on the floor behind him. Usually he does not realize he is doing this unless someone points it out. He will also bob his tail to music the way most people would bob their head if a skilled bard is nearby. On more then one occasion the adolescent Beacon would search for the source of this strange rapping after it had disturbed his temple prays. Eventually, Beacon realized that he was the source. Since then Beacon has made a conscious effort to rap his tail around his leg while praying or pacing on stone floors. Beacon has recently become far more perceptive. The library is radically different from any other environment he has ever entered. Until now, his experience has been limited to established, civilized developments and the open wastes. Neither of these regions require the constant vigilance that the library does. The wastes are wide open and well lit. There are no shadows for someone to hide in. People quickly recognize that predators can burrow underground and then attack from underneath, or that once every ten minutes or so one should check the sky for aerial threats. As long as a person can avoid either of these dangers, most threats will at least let you know you are about to die before killing you. Likewise, “civilized” threats are far easier to recognize. Sensing a slight vocal inflection, or interpreting a seemingly vague response, is easy for Beacon. The nomadic nature of the Frozen Suns forces them to understand the people around them through well developed social insight, and thus forced Beacon to listen to what everyone says. But the library is different. There are no warnings, no signs hidden within body language, or even chances to negotiate. There is only silence interrupted by the sound of one’s own breathing or footsteps. But not the safe silence of home or even the daunting silence of a prison or cathedral. This silence is the silence of something waiting and watching. This is the sound of a spider planning to pounce on its pray, or a lich waiting to spring from the darkness. This silence has forced Beacon to also be ever watchful and ever waiting.

Beacon’s Fighting Style – Beacon’s fighting style has progressed as he has grown older and stronger. As a youth, he would always leave distance between himself and his adversaries. He only entered melee combat if necessary. Just as a young athlete sometimes plays tentatively because he fears being hit by the ball, Beacon fought tentatively for fear of being hit by a blow. Beacon’s superiors within the Frozen Sons sensed this significant weakness and forced him to train in unarmed wrestling and with several different weapons. Upon reaching maturity and completing his early training Beacon became comfortable with hand to hand combat, but still preferred to fight at a distance. By the time Beacon left for the Arkosian library he had become familiar with the temporary sting derived from blows. More importantly, he had conquered his fear of them. Beacon had suffered many grievous wounds, which his now thoroughly practiced divinely inspired abilities could heal in an instant. Beacon’s confidence in his ability to undo whatever damage he receives has led him to utilize far more aggressive fighting styles. Long gone are the days when his charge would falter mid stride and turn into a lesser, ranged beam of light. Now Beacon charges forth, carrying massive, almost unwieldy weapons that smash enemies asunder with a blow, but also leave him vulnerable to counter attacks. But Beacon cares not. With increasing confidence in his faith and his ability to recover from injury Beacon now uses two handed weapons that allow him to take full advantage of his strength. Recently, he has become bolder still. He finds great satisfaction in bringing down a powerful, single enemy. Like a hunter searching for the perfect quarry, Beacon strides into battle and immediately locks eyes with his enemy’s dominate alpha male. He then charges and focuses his assault against this dangerous foe until vanquishing him (or at least trying to). Beacon’s Morningkrad Beacon has grown accustom to his morningkrad. This massive weapon is even more dangerous then standard mauls. Whereas mauls are usually crude sledge hammers, morningkrad’s incorporate the fine precision of expert craftsmanship. They are balanced in such a way that allows the hammer end to build momentum without becoming so top heavy that they become unwieldy. Furthermore, their heavy end is covered in dangerous spikes which punch wholes in armor and tear off chunks of flesh. Beacon uses his knowledge of the arcane arts to infuse his morningkrad with Frozen Sun iconography. Beacon has built two mighty dragon heads, one white and the other silver, into either side of his hammer. He has named the silver side of his hammer Aristotle, after the most revered of the silver dragon philosophers. The other head is named after the most successful white dragon general in history; Alexander the Great. He reveres his hammer as an object of faith as well as his most powerful tool. Beacon uses his hammer while praying when in the absence of a temple, which is fairly often when traveling across the desert and through dungeons. He will kneel (assuming he feels it is safe to do so) and place his hammer across his lap. He will then slowly twirl his hammer, showing the white side facing up when praying to Tiamat, the silver side facing up when praying to Bahamut, and both sides revolving around each other while praying to Io. An unobservant passerby might think that Beacon is literally praying to his hammer while doing this. However, this is part of an elaborate arcane ritual which is masked through religious devotion. This ritual, which was originally designed to make broken tools, especially valuable, often used weapons with ornate detail, whole again. The ritual can repair everything from shattered shafts to minor scratches. Beacon uses it to repair any minor scratches or dents in his hammer, and thereby keeps it looking as if it was just taken from the armory.


Beacon’s Personality – Under normal circumstances Beacon is peaceful. However, as a dualistic dragonborn cleric he is equally willing to deliver righteous retribution if necessary. He is a giant of his people, both in statue and in faith. Upon waking every morning, unless otherwise noted, he begins the day in a brief period of meditative prayer. Before a night’s rest he will again pray and usually write within a dairy, further developing his personal philosophy. He has memorized most of his philosophy, and can recite much of it by heart. Still, he is often reluctant to speak about it. Unfortunately, few now care for deep beliefs, and as such Beacon chooses to withhold measures of acute philosophy unless he has a specific reason to do otherwise, or an interested audience. Then again, he is currently sharing company with a historically inclined wizard and a paladin…

Beacon’s Background – Unlike many adventurers, Beacon’s background is fairly stable. His family, which lived in one of the racially mixed shanty towns well outside of Rajah’s sphere of influence, consisted of a loving father, mother, two older brothers, and a younger sister. Beacon’s family was very simple. They possessed an honest, down to earth spirituality. Much of his parents’ generally calm disposition has carried over into Beacon.

Beacon may have lived out his life as a blacksmith like his father and brothers if it had not been for a chance meeting with a young Frozen Sun acolyte named Ember who wandered into town looking to escape a coming sand storm. Beacon’s family took the dragborn in and saved him from the arid winds. After the storm had cleared and the sun was no longer blotted out Ember noticed baby Beacon. (Although at that point in time he was still called “Cloud,” in honor of the Beacon’s skin color and the white puffs of smoke that some foolish wives’ tales say predict or even cause water to fall from the sky!) Ember explained to these simple folk that their son was a true born, that he was destined for greatness, and that with their permission he would like to return twelve years later to take the boy back to Rajah. He could then periodically travel back and forth, dividing his time between learning his father’s trade and studying to enter the clergy. At the end of his training, Beacon (then Cloud) could choose between a familiar simple life and a distant but exalted one.

True to his word, Ember appeared a dozen years later with ten other fully armed Frozen Suns. Cloud’s family allowed him to choose whether to stay or go, and Cloud agreed only on the condition that he could return to see his family within a year. And he did return within a year, only to leave again with a season. He continued this pattern for many years.

The Changing From Cloud to Beacon – Beacon has always considered his family to be absolutely precious to him. Because of this, he has attempted to guarantee he could one day return to a simple, family centered life style. Consequently, Beacon voluntarily chose to go by a second name amongst the Frozen Suns, in the hopes that if he ever turned his back on adventures, that they would not be able to follow him home. Or at the very least, any enemies he may make in the future will not be able to attack him through his family. No living being knows Beacon by both names. The only soul to ever know him as both Beacon and Cloud was Ember, the first Frozen Sun who saw him both as a boy and an adolescent, but he supposedly passed on several years ago and kept this secret to the grave.


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