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The Sundering, Ragnarok, The Night of Black Fire, Final Atonement.

Many mythical titles have come to adorn the events of this world’s end. In mythological history, no society or historian can agree as to what great power brought about that harsh judgment. The memory of entire civilizations perished in that long night, and those that remain have forgotten even their own chronology. Besides, what does it matter if the apocalypse happened a thousand years ago or yesterday?

In due time, they say, it won’t matter to anyone.

Chapter 1: Knowledge’s Grave

“The Library stands above a plain of crumbling ash. Only through Learning can we uplift ourselves from out of this tomb of a world…”

Chapter 2: The Pyramid of Shadows

“The Pyramid is Beginning. The Pyramid is End. There has only ever been the Pyramid, and there only ever will be. Of this much, I am certain…”

Side Chapter A: Death of a Salesman

“Welcome to Harrow’s End!”

Chapter 3: Beyond the Portal

“For every entrance, there is an exit. And every Gate has two Keepers…”

The Age of Ash

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