The Reclaimers

This mysterious group of shadowy human-like beings was stumbled across in the lowest depths of the Library’s Vault. Apparently migrants from the Shadowfell, these deadly ruins delvers were led by a lordly magician of great power, the Executor Kavarel. Kavarel had commanded Clyde to steal the group’s books, and when the party entered the Inner Sanctum of the Vault they found Kavarel calmly flipping through the pages of their accumulated tomes of knowledge and learning from the Library.

As conversation with Kavarel progressed, it became clear that his goals within the library lay at cross-purposes to Beacon’s goals of preserving the knowledge of the Library. Claiming that the Arkhosians of old had resorted to necromancy and other twisted arts in the preservation of their culture, Kavarel ordered the Reclaimers to light fire to the Vault’s lower sanctuary of knowledge. Pan was compelled by Kavarel’s argument, and followed him in an effort to learn more of the nature of his claim that the Arkhosians had delved too greedily in forbidden knowledge. Eventually, Kavarel was defeated in the lower depths of the library’s elemental core. He is presumed dead at the bottom of the buried Library.

In combat, the Reclaimers utilized draining Shadow witchcraft and esoteric weapons such as the Spiked Chain and Kukri. At least one member exhibited mastery of divinely-inspired weapon magic. How many Reclaimers survived the events of the Library’s fall is unknown, and several of the higher-ranking members exhibited the surprising ability to teleport away to an unknown location in moments of extreme physical peril.

author: Dark_Matter

The Reclaimers

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