The Frozen Suns

History of the Order

The Frozen Suns are one of the few remaining religious Orders. The majority of them died out as their adherent’s belief faded. The Frozen Suns believe the gradual failure within the Dragonborn bloodlines results from punishment for the Dragonborn’s dying faith, and as such the survival of their own faith is a great source of pride. However, it is very possible that the Frozen Sun’s survival arises more from sheer luck then any other factor. Their temple was utterly annihilated during the Sundering. It was located directly within the area where the Sea of Glass now lies. Although this initially robed the Frozen Suns of virtually all their previous prestige and respect, it also forced the Frozen Suns to become nomadic.

Ever since then they have roamed through the Ashen Wastes, and only congregated significant portions of their numbers in secret. This has made them virtually invulnerable. Trying to eradicate the Frozen Suns is comparable to trying to destroy a swarm of flies that has been scattered by the wind. Ironically, dispersing their numbers over vast regions has enabled them to survive. While other orders fought for decades or even centuries in an attempt to defend their treasured fortress monasteries, the Frozen Suns have been far more visible and less vulnerable. Over the centuries Frozen Suns have acquired a generally friendly disposition, and a reputation for being fair and honest. Occasionally, a stranger will help a Frozen Sun in order to repay a favor done by one of its members long ago. Ironically, the Order that was once counted as equal to the Order of the Ever-Burning Gold, and was later humbled before all others, has now become the dominant, and perhaps only significant, remaining order.

Furthermore, the Frozen Sun’s mentality of, “Let the water drown amidst the fire, let the heat die amidst the cold” is more appealing in an arid, hot desert then the defunct Order of the Ever-Burning Gold’s motto of, “Let the fire purify the impure, let us forever revel within its golden warmth.” Other dragons could often do little to bring back ailing friends, or for that matter themselves, from the brink of deadly heat stroke. But many a life has been saved through a gentle breath of cold periodically given to combat the ashen waste’s merciless sun.

Due to the waning of other dragonborn clans and dragonborn power in general, many worshippers of Io have historically gathered under the Frozen Suns. Once the Frozen Suns would have consisted of legions of eight foot tall, winged white/silver dragonborn, and their smaller, winged white/silver kobolds. No members outside of the appropriate bloodline would have been allowed entry. But also, there are too few willing to join the order now. By this point in time, any dragonborn can enter, and sometimes even non dragonborn can gain an honorary position.

Notable Former Member of the Frozen Suns: Ember

Author: lanceNapoleon

The Frozen Suns

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