The Frozen Moons

The Frozen Moons were once the female counterpart to the Frozen Suns. Together, they were sometimes called the Frozens. Where as the Frozen Suns operated out of a monastic fortress, the Frozen Moons operated from their near (by ancient standards) fortress abbey. Travel between the two buildings used to take about a day’s flight, depending on the weather. Now, however, no dragonborn can fly. Even if they could, the powerful air currents that used to spread warm, moist air amidst Arkosia have either deceased, or become so turbulent that they are more deadly then helpful. Furthermore, the great roads which once crisscrossed Arkosia have all been replaced by sand and arid heat. Now the same trip could take weeks.

Nevertheless, the Frozen Moon abbey was once a proud bastion of silver philosophy and white strength. Some say that the abbey, like most of the abbeys and monasteries, was located at an “invisible walkway.” These places acted as intersection points. One could supposedly leave Arkosia and travel to far away lands through these walkways. According to legend the walkways abruptly stopped working, leaving a network of otherwise arbitrarily placed fortresses in their wake. This is of course just legend that boarders on superstition. Almost no one seriously believes this old wives’ tale. Most Frozen Suns are unaware that any such portals allegedly existed. Beacon, however, once heard Ember mention something about them and has attempted to find more information about them in the history books from the library. If he ever does, it will be interesting to see Pan’s reaction once Beacon mentions this odd quirk of history.

Unfortunately, the Frozen Moons fell into the same trap that the various other orders fell into. They spent far too many resources trying to defend their decaying citadel, which required a massive empire in order to sustain itself indefinitely. Their abbey fell roughly a century after the fall to an unknown attacker; most likely local shifters or such. The Talons and other such groups have often dreamed of reclaiming such a castle, but most Frozen Suns do not currently know whether anyone has been able to muster the resources necessary to find, let alone rebuild and maintain, such a large and remote building. As far as the unenlightened know these structures are probably so badly damaged it is most likely not worth the effort. It might be easier to rebuild a structure from its foundation then try to repair the irreparable.

After the Frozen Moon abbey fell their remnants combined with the Frozen Suns. To this day, the order does not make any distinction between its members’ gender. This would have been unheard of in ancient times, but desperate times create compromise. Back then, males and females were separated during indoctrination and training periods in order to avoid distraction. This is not to say that all members were celibate. Actually, quite the opposite. Mating between the two groups was encouraged once training was completed in order to ensure the survival of the Frozen philosophy. Furthermore, recognizing masculine and feminine distinctions and then combining either gender via relationships and families provides yet another way to live out the order’s respective dualistic beliefs. Now, of course, this aspect of the Frozen philosophy is all but lost. It only remains in theory. Too few Frozens remain to put these doctrines into practice.

Author: lanceNapoleon

The Frozen Moons

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