The First Expedition

Approximately one month before the party is dispatched to the Library, the first expedition left on that exact same trip. Their disappearance resulted in the arming of a second trip by Master Tong to ascertain their fate.

Members of the expedition:

  • Balthazar – Dragonborn professor of history, close associate of Master Tong’s.
  • Kavarel – Disguised as a human archeologist, Kavarel worked his way into the confidence of Balthazar and traveled with the expedition. He was apparently unaccompanied by anyone other than Clyde, yet had some method/mechanism which allowed him to call the Reclaimers to his side once he barricaded himself in the Vault.
  • Clyde – Kavarel’s simpering Dark One assistant.
  • Pacifica – Human Illusionist, adopted ‘niece’ of Academy Master Tong.
  • Genion – a Human arcanist and asociate of Balthazar, fascinated with necromancy and the occult. His body is found on the first floor, medically ‘alive’ but brain-dead. Voidsoul later admits to having killed him.
  • Gaff – a prominent Dwarf chemist, his charred remains are found on the first floor in the crater of an alchemical explosion. He was apparently disastrously successful at transmuting an Ocher Jelly into existence using the resources of the library.

Author: Dark_Matter

The First Expedition

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