Temple of Dissolution

The Temple of Dissolution is one of the few major religious orders remaining in the Age of Ash. A fairly secretive brotherhood, the Temple of Dissolution nonetheless has high-ranking adherents among the political leadership of Rajah. Many members of the Temple are humans, but Water Elves and Dwarfs make up significant numbers as well.

The Temple keeps alive the traditions of Bane, Erathis, Ioun, Moradin, Vecna, and others. Distinctions among these gods are not emphasized, rather a broad religious belief composed of a fusion of their core values is preached.

At it’s core, the beliefs of the Temple are simple: the Gods have been destroyed or scattered, but they will return… and until then, we must remain true to their memory. Some extreme sects state that of all of the faithful throughout time eternal, someday many generations in the future only 100 will be chosen for elevation to the Divine domain when the gods return, whereas all others will be condemned to eternal hellfire.

The Temple is not a kind religious faith, it is unflinchingly demanding of it’s members. Many disciples of the Temple take up the mantle of Avengers, Paladins, or Invokers to purge the unfaithful and spread the faith, but they are far from easily approachable. They have no need for any but those few who will unerringly profess their entire lives and livelihood to the Temple.

Temple of Dissolution

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