Temple of Bane

Reverence to Bane is one of the most common forms of worship for the lower-class of Rajah, and even many in the upper classes pay at least token respect at Rajah’s temple to the god. Funding for the Temple has fallen under the category of “Public Works” in the ledgers of the Rajah City Council for countless seasons.

Simply put, the hierarchy of rightful dominion over those weaker than you will always be a compelling doctrine. The Temple teaches those of strength and influence to cultivate their power such that they may be dominant over those who are weak… and in the meantime, it teaches you to accept your place in the hierarchy, a useful lesson to the downtrodden masses that would explain the Rajah aristocracy’s support of the Temple. The Church of Bane maintains a standing force of holy warriors and professional soldiers that guard the Temple and maintain order in the precinct around it. The Rajah city watch and these Banites have an unspoken agreement that neither interferes with the others actions.

In pure theistic terms, the priests of the Temple are remarkably outspoken about the nature of the Apocalypse. They state that Bane, the last surviving god after the war against the Invader(s), successfully drove it/them away from the earth and followed to wage the eternal battle in heaven. Bane will one day slay the destroyer of earth for good, and return to claim his right as the sole Deity and Lord of the earth.

There are a good number of Nobles (and even more of the middle classes) who despise the excesses of the Temple however, and are concerned by the immense influence it wields over the people of the Slums. The Temple has always been loyal in it’s support of the City however, and therefore no overt action is likely to be taken so long as that condition holds…

Worshiping Bane (For PC’s)

For Martial and Divine classes especially, worship of Bane is a completely valid faith to uphold in the Age of Ash. Dragon 372 has a highly useful article that includes a Channel Divinity feat (Bane’s Tactics) as well as a Paragon Path.

Other Channel Divinity feats that could be reflavored for Bane include Kord’s Favor, Raven Queen’s Blessing, and Harmony of Erathis (PHB 1).

Temple of Bane

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