Talons of Arkhosia

The Talons of Arkhosia are many things: certainly, they are a name that is feared among non-Dragonborn, but ask any Dragonborn or Trueborn what they think of the Talons and you may receive a vast number of different answers.

They are an ideal.

Originally, those who called themselves “Talons” were Trueborn only… that is, Dragonborn who have not yet lost the bloodline of the ancients and can still breathe the elemental forces of their heritage. They are fiercely clannish warriors that freely raid and destroy other groups in the Ash Wastes. But more than mere raiders, the Talons have a doctrine of Arkhosian domination and wish to see the rebirth of a glorious Dragonborn empire: one that will be built on a firm foundation of Elven, Human, and Tiefling bones.

They are an enemy.

The doctrine of the Talons tends to fiercely polarize Dragonborn of all stripes. There are few who do not have some sort of an opinion of the Talons… and many who are not already adherents actively hunt the Talons out of concern for their own fate in the vision of Arkhosia reborn that these fanatics wish to build.

They are a cultural phenomenon.

To call oneself a Talon is a highly significant declaration. It is by now practically impossible for an outsider to trace the origins of the first “Talons,” for a multitude of imitators have sprung up in the past couple of generations. It has gotten to the point where entire groups of Kobolds, or Dragonborn without even a single Trueborn Blood-Leader, can boldly declare themselves to be of the ‘Talons’ and go unopposed out of the fear that this name brings.

There is a rumor that the Trueborn leadership of the original Talons (whoever they may be) are capable of restoring the power of the True draconic bloodline to mundane Dragonborn through some form of forbidden ritual, and that they use this as a reward for their most trusted Dragonborn servants. However, many have pointed out that it seems like a very off-character motivation for the true Talons, who rumor would also have it are filled with nothing but disdain for those pathetic creatures not of a Trueborn bloodline through birth.

While the truth of the rumor is considered suspect, a great many people opposed to the doctrine of the Talons are still terrified by the power of this belief. Even so, a great number of mundane Dragonborn hardly even need that wishful motivation to seek out the cause of the Talons in search of greater power

Notable members of the Talons: Grasst

Talons of Arkhosia

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