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Fortress Ragnarok

Pelor’s Palm

Ghost Stones


Sea of Glass




The Paradox of Duality


The First Expedition

Talons of Arkhosia

The Frozen Suns

The Frozen Moons

The Temple of Dissolution

Temple of Bane



The Platinum Order

The Reclaimers

The Roc Tribe


Sand Elves






Half Elves


Glass Elves (Drow)

House Rules

Races and Classes

Age of Ash Feats

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Hybrid Character rules

Character Creation


Chapter Pages (tabletop group):

Chapter 1 – Knowledge’s Grave

Chapter 2 – Pyramid of Shadows

Side Chapter A – Death of a Salesman

Chapter 3 – Beyond the Portal

Whispers on the Dead Wind (Stories):

Dusty Souls

author: ironblue

Seven Trees of Sight

author: ironblue

Grit and Raja

author: lanceNapoleon

Adding a Character.

As you can see from looking at the right side of the page, we already have a few people here, so everyone else go right ahead and make your own character to add to the site. Click on “My Profile” in the top right and click on the ‘Character’ tab in your home page. Instructions are there. Don’t forget to look for the option to add the character to the Age of Ash campaign after they’ve been created. If you have a character portrait on your computer that you prefer, look for the Upload Picture option. One of these days, I’ll get around to finishing some of the character sketches I’ve already done if you want to wait for that.

Editting an existing Wiki page.

If you see a hyperlink that is colored red, go ahead and click on it. You’ll be taken to a page that lets you create the page. The formatting rules are handily displayed right in the Obsidian Portal page.

Creating your own Wiki pages.

This is seriously simple. First, click the Edit button at the bottom of this page (you must be logged in, and be a Player in this campaign). Then, you should see that all of the links I have created here are just nothing more than twin brackets (like these [[) that surround a phrase (The Frozen Suns for example). Simply type in your own phrase surrounded by those double brackets, and save the page. Your new Age of Ash wiki entry has been set up!

Once the page is saved, click on the Red link that has been created for your page. You can now edit in whatever you like there.

Random other stuff.

Go ahead and say something in the Comments, Rate this campaign, whatever you feel like. Stuff like that will motivate me and hopefully the rest of us to do more.

If you’re subscribed here and part of the campaign, you can edit almost anything you see. If you’re editing a pre-existing page, please include your name alongside anything you add.

Go to the NPC Tracker and look at the control tab on the right… guess what, you can add your own NPCs too! This is about the same level of simplicity as making your first character was.

Check out this link if you’re interested in adding a complete DnD 4e sheet to your Character entry. Warning: not for the faint of heart.

Don’t be worried about messing things up, anything can be undone. Just don’t delete pages without asking first.

Main Page

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