Half Elves

This unusual sub-species of Elf is an insular clan with knowledge of where to find oases and watering holes within the desert. This information is a closely guarded secret kept hidden from outsiders and passed down from generation to generation through druid and shaman oral tradition.

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In the Age of Ash, the name “Half-Elf” is a blanket category that reflects certain racial tensions and prejudices, both within Elf culture and among non-Elves.

Among the major tribes described as Half-Elves, it is certainly a strong possibility that some mixed lineage exists, but there is disagreement that this is necessarily the case. What these tribes definitely share in common is an alteration of standard Sand Elf social structure, one in which the hierarchy is typically meritocratic and dominated by a caste of “Water Seers” who maintain an esoteric lore of knowledge related to primal Divination magic. Druids and shamans are a small population among the Sand Elves, but among these tribes they are incredibly prevalent and are the guiding light of the culture.

Commonly these tribes diverge from Sand Elf norms with their tribal names as well, choosing enigmatic titles that translate to non-animal phrases. Well-known Half-Elf tribes include the Silent Step, Mist Brotherhood, and the Cabal of the Forgotten Oasis.

While they are rarely as aggressively nihilistic and dangerous as other Sand Elves, these tribes share the nomadic lifestyle and stand-offish attitude towards other racial groups. The exceptions tend to be for small Human settlements, with whom Half-Elf tribes oftentimes trade, another possible reason for the rise of the pejorative name.

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Half Elves

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