Fortress Ragnarok

The Frozen Sun Monastery was lost within an instant during the fall. Conversely, the Frozen Moon Abbey was lost during a gradual decline which took place over the course of centuries. It is unknown why the Suns did not combine with the moons after the fall. It may have been that the Suns believed they were being punished for their miss deeds and therefore believed themselves unworthy of a proper citadel. On the other hand, the Moons may have believed that the Suns were disgraced and therefore whished to distance themselves from the Suns. Or it may have been as simple as the largely male centered Dragonborn society which produced the Suns made them unwilling to lower themselves beneath their previously subservient female branch. Perhaps none, one, some, or all of these possibilities came to pass; no one knows for sure.

What is known is that for centuries the previous Frozen Moon Abbey had fallen into disrepair. In fact, its location had been forgotten for some time until a blazing red Frozen Sun named Ragnarok stumbled upon its remains. Surprisingly, the structure of the building remained intact. The Frozen Moon Abbey had been built atop a great mountain range which created a very rough oval. The Frozen Moons chose this location because it surrounded a crescent shaped valley which was always filled with water. The surrounding mountains shielded the lake filled valley from most of the day’s light. This kept the central valley significantly cooler then the surrounding area. Thus, the lake shaped crescent moon would often freeze. The Frozen Moon abbey literally overlooked a frozen moon.

Beneath the Frozen Moon abbey laid a sophisticated labyrinth of tunnels and rooms which lead deep within the bowels of the mountain. These descending stairwells ended at the base of the mountain with a large, underground pool that connected to the crescent moon shaped lake. Powerful arcane energy flowed from this place, and eventually the Frozen Moons built a portal to the fey wild here. The Abbey stretched across the mountain top. It consisted of a long outer wall which followed the curve of the mountain top and created a crescent shape. A second, taller and thicker curtain wall was located in the middle of this outer wall. Finally, a massive stone keep stood in the center of this primary curtain wall, at the mountain’s tallest point. The Abbey was an imposing structure which dominated the ancient skies, yet the majority of the Frozen Moon territory was located underground. Literally dozens of comfortable living quarters, storage areas, and other such rooms existed within the mountain. In the ancient days Dragonborn and Kobold alike lived within the lower rooms; protected by the castle above. Furthermore, several towers provided room for dragon nests. From here, young dragons could survey their further landscape while simultaneously being protected from the world below via their great fortified nests atop castles towers built by Dragonborn and Kobold workers.

Unfortunately, the abbey fell into ruin after the fall. It now even overlooks the Sea of Glass itself. The Dragonborn eventually left the abbey. No one knows whether this was due to abandonment, violent conquest by another group, pestilence, or starvation. Nevertheless, a small tribe of Kobolds held onto the abbey for years. They fought against various creeping things below and flying things above. They were almost hunted to extinction.

Roughly two hundred years ago the great red dragon Frozen Sun named Ragnarok stumbled upon the forgotten mountains amidst his flight from a hunting roc. While confused and nearly dead from starvation he had a vision of the ancient stone walls rebuilt. He saw them restored to their former glory, and at that moment manifested his inner light within the material for the first time. Ragnarok became a dragonborn on a mission. Under his charismatic leadership the various enlightened Frozen Suns gathered at the ancient abbey. They lent much needed support to the otherwise dying Kobolds. Together, the two races took back the ancient castle. Ragnarok was killed during the ensuing battles, but his vision lives on and the abbey now bares his name.

Ragnarok envisioned a grand plan to rebuild the fallen draconic empire. He imagined that first the Frozen Suns would assist the perishing Kobolds. Together they would purge the subterranean rooms of spiders, worms, and various other unclean creatures. This first step took a decade and Ragnarok’s life. Nevertheless, it gave both the Frozen Suns and the Kobolds a tremendous camaraderie. Now, both groups had a common vision, a safe place to live, and staunch allies. Soon after Ragnarok’ death the Frozen Suns and Kobolds began rebuilding what they had shed blood reclaiming. That process is still ongoing to this day.

The mountain’s interior has been largely repaired. Little major repair work remains, although many areas still need to be made more comfortable and less dungeon like. The surface repairs, however, have been far more difficult. No significant repair work began on the above stone walls until a century ago. The Frozen Sun’s initially directed all their attention on the subterranean areas because doing so allowed secrecy. The Age of Ash is a violent time, and many groups would love to seize a nearly complete yet still vulnerable fortress. It was important to the Dragonborn and Kobolds (who now sometimes refer to themselves as the Draconics) to keep their civilization’s progress secret. However, the above fortress is too useful to ignore for ever, and also central to completing Ragnarok’s vision.

Ragnarok wanted to first rid the lower depths of unclean creatures. He then planned to make them hospitable once more. Finally, he planned to rebuild the abbey into a great fortress from which draconic creatures could flock. Unfortunately, the draconic effort to do so was thwarted by the various large animals that lived above. Griffins, wyverns, and especially rocs would pray upon the Draconics as they attempted to rebuild their fortress’ ancient keep. Luckily, the Draconics’ devised a plan to rid them of this threat while simultaneously guarantying their military supremacy. They decided to begin capturing the eggs of these large pray and attempting to domesticate them. In bygone times nine great towers created fortified nests. Now, only two remained useable. Nevertheless, the draconics dedicated one nest to griffins and the other to wyverns. They have slowly domesticated a number of these great creatures while actively hunting down and destroying the roc nests. Ultimately, they wish to hunt the rocs to extinction while also acquiring sole control over the region’s only griffons and wyverns. The rocs have already become an endangered species, while virtually all the griffins and wyverns have been domesticated. Ragnarok even hoped that one day a brown dragon would nest here, although it seems doubtful that any still live. Interestingly, this plan required the Frozen Suns to drastically expand their network of allies. The draconics needed small, intelligent creatures that could launch lighting raids against large creatures’ nests, both for the sake of destroying certain eggs and killing others. These creatures needed to be brave and know the land. Luckily, a small tribe of Halflings lived in the mountains. For years these Halflings had wanted to live in the crescent valley, or what they called Pallor’s Palm. The valley was cool, and protected from the harsh winds that often blow from the neighboring sea of glass. Nevertheless, they could not do so because the large birds of pray would easily feast on them. Instead, they had to fight for a living amongst the mountains. This brought them into direct conflict with the sand elves, which would often hide in the mountains to escape large predators and larger storms.

The Frozen Suns have been a far traveling society of scholars for many centuries. Thus, their knowledge of artifacts, although primitive by ancient standards, is significant by modern measures. The Frozen Suns began outfitting the Halflings with far more sophisticated equipment then what they previously possessed. Furthermore, the Frozen Suns gave the Halflings additional protection by acquiring yet another ally, namely, the Hunters. The Hunters are a Dragonborn clan which the Frozen Suns have won over the same way they earned/purchased the Halfling’s friendship. The Hunters have been a clan of wandering nomads. They have barely scraped together a living through centuries of war, alliance, and then more war with other humanoids. Thus, the Hunters were more then willing to help when the Frozen Suns offered them a permanent home and a steady stream of valuable equipment in exchange for military assistance. The Hunters have now become the means through which the Draconics purge Ragnarok’s surroundings of dangerous animals and rival humanoid bands.

An unusual balance of power has evolved amidst fortress Ragnarok. The Kobolds serve their Dragonborn masters. Kobolds naturally revere larger draconic creatures, and in the absence of actual dragons will serve true born Dragonborn; especially when those trueborns provide them with the hope of a newly formed draconic empire. The Halflings are very excited that a powerful, friendly ally is systematically taming this previously dangerous region while equipping them with arcane items. They consequently see the rise of the Draconics as the medium through which they too can build a better life. Finally, the Hunters use their strength of arms to defend the region. Neighboring Elf tribes have finally learned to stay away from Ragnarok. Recently, one Elf tribe went as far as to attempt attacking Ragnarok itself. The Hunters are certain no Elf tribe will ever try this again while the Frozen Suns are still asking themselves if the excess brutality was really necessary.

Author: lanceNapoleon

Fortress Ragnarok

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