Dwarfs refer to the events of the world’s apocalypse as the “Atonement…”

..But they don’t linger on the implications of it too much. Their dominant social group is of a mercantile class that has a higher standard of living by comparison to most others in the Age of Ash.

Dwarfs are the only race with access to large, mobile fortress monasteries (generally styled as ‘Clan Holds’ by the Dwarfs themselves). Consequently, they are the only race with the ability to safely and reliably travel across large distances on the ashen wastes. This monopoly on travel has made them the region’s dominant traders and only significant financial entity outside of Rajah.

These mighty Clan Holds are powered, it is said, by enslaved Elementals that are bound within the core of the machines. If that is true, it might explain why the mighty constructs were able to survive the events of the apocalypse so many generations ago… making them perhaps the oldest surviving technology from the past age.

Notable Clans (which possess functioning Clan Holds): Blackhammer Combine, Clan Earthshaker, Lodestone Enterprises

Author: lanceNapoleon Edited by Dark_Matter


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