These are not to be confused with simple sandstorms, which are a potent enough threat alone. Dunestorms are supernatural phenomenon, probably linked to the planar instability that wracked the world in the aftermath of the Apocalypse.

Aftershocks of the apocalypse, dunestorms are a modestly frequent occurrence in the Dune Wastes. There are numerous types of Dunestorms, most embodying an element or combination of elements. At the heart of Dunestorms is an interface with the Elemental Chaos. Not a true portal, travel to or from the Chaos is impossible through a Dunestorm. Some types of Dunestorm are listed below:


Fairly self-explanatory, Firestorms are feared occurrences that are fortunately much less frequent than the other types of storms. Some Firestorms have a startling consistency to their existence, and have been marked as semi-permanent landmarks on maps. They may move a bare few feet a season for generations at a time, only to suddenly alter course and speed in one day and obliterate a community that thought it was safe.


Perhaps the most common form of a supernatural dunestorm, it is uncertain exactly how many major (seemingly natural) sandstorms in fact have a Forcestorm at their center, whipping the sand into a massive disturbance for miles around them. Forcestorms are composed of hundreds or thousands of spinning panes of invisible force energy that pummel whatever they touch into a bludgeoning, though mercifully quick, death.


The Age of Ash does not have thunderclouds, which might imply the presence of life-giving water. These devastating storms are the closest substitute, and feature a snaking ground-level array of explosive detonations of thunder and lightning that leave behind twisted fragments of scorched earth in their wake. More so than other dunestorms, Shockstorms are disturbingly fast and can clear vast distances across the wastes in minutes to strike unprepared areas.


Exclusive to the Sea of Glass, shardstorms are a daily sight in that treacherous area. These tornadoes of flaying razor-sharp fragments of glass and sand can rip a man or elf into a gory, twitching heap of body parts in a mere few minutes of exposure.


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