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  • The Roc Tribe

    The Rocs are a tribe of Sand Elves who, as their name might suggest, use the Roc as their totem animal. Like all Elf tribe they hunt their totem animal in order to perform ritualistic sacrifices. Their ceremonial hunts have recently brought them into …

  • Grit

    bq. lanceNapoleon's character during the Death of a Salesman arc. I'm making this a Wiki page because I'm not sure if you're allowed to submit two PC's to a single Campaign page. If I'm wrong, or you'd rather categorize this character in some other way, …

  • Grit

    Grit is a member of the Roc tribe. Lately he has been searching for a possible alternative totem spirit to the Roc. As of yet the only potiential replacement is the dragonborn race.