Chapter 1

The party encounters Voidsoul waiting for them at the top of the Aerie. Ironically, Voidsoul had been imprisoned within the Library by the Dragonborn during it’s construction (specifically by Socrates, founder of the Frozen Suns and philosopher). Following a tense negotiation with the canny Death Angel, he grants them the Sky Orb which is needed to unlock the Vault.

Voidsoul is again encountered at the bottom level of the Vault, where he is being restrained by the ritual magic of the Reclaimers. Kavarel implies that Voidsoul’s presence in the Library indicates a hidden sinister purpose to it’s construction.

Chapter 2


Voidsoul is one of the Unchained: semi-divine shards of the Chained God’s essence that have been scattered across the world in preparation for… just what exactly?

Voidsoul enjoys long walks on the beach, Chocolate Mint ice cream, and a relaxing afternoon spent playing with puppies.


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