Valinae is a heavily-armed, scarred swords-woman who frequents Harrow’s End. She makes a living selling a watered-down version of the White Lotus poison to the traders there, although she refuses to reveal the secrets of the formula… or even how to obtain the semi-legendary plant from which it is derived.

While a reluctant conversationalist and defined mostly by her blood-thirsty nature towards Dragonborn, evidence suggests that Valinae has a much more interesting past than she is willing to reveal.

According to the Dry Hag seer Sr’yi, Valinae is the last of the line of White Lotus chieftains, and if she were to survive to claim her birth-right, she could one day unify the Sand Elves of the Dragonspine Mountains region into a powerful political force that has not been seen for countless generations.

In Valinae’s own words, her only goal is to hunt the Dragonborn to extinction in the region in order to appease the troubled spirits of her tribe. It is said that her father’s grave can be found in the upper reaches of the Mountains, sacred ground to the White Lotus that has been defaced by the presence of the Dragonborn there.


Valinae is the sole survivor of the White Lotus sand elf tribe, which was wiped out by the Talons of Arkhosia following their claiming of the Dragonspine Mountains.

The White Lotus tribe was renowned for it’s skill with the fabled manufactured poison from the plant of the same name that grows in the Dragonspine Mountains. The coming-of-age ceremony of the White Lotus tribe involved ritual inoculation to the poison, common side effects of which include elimination of the participant’s hair color as well as a permanent deadening of the sensations, specifically tactile. For this reason the tribe’s warriors were once feared for their ability to shrug off even the most grievous of wounds: they literally were unable to feel pain.


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