A child prodigy at Illusion magic, Pacifica is an evasive and hard to pin down spellcaster. She was a member of the ill-fated first expedition to the newly-uncovered Library. The party finds her napping in the first floor Study of the Library’s central tower.

picture by Dark_Matter


Pacifica, in her own words:

“I see they’re not paying you guys for your smarts… or good looks for that matter.”

“Which one of you just got pulled out of a dumpster?”

“Huh… are those floppy ears where you keep your brains? No, I was wrong. That’s just spare fat.”

“You Dragon-psychos sure do take things way too seriously.”

“Well, there’s your Aerie. Now which one of you dolts is going to tell me how you propose getting in?”


  • Bree. She’s so cute.
  • her adoptive uncle Tong.
  • her pet Iron Defender, Bubbles.
  • the color Green.
  • Illusions.
  • not Pan.


  • smelly Tieflings.
  • getting sand in her hair.
  • preachy Dragonborn.
  • studying for the exams her uncle gives her.
  • shady Half-Elves.

Secret Love Interests

Some have suggested that Pacifica’s nearly endless stream of sarcastic comments directed towards Pan infer there may be a certain something more between these two. Few realize that she sometimes awakens after dreaming of being pushed to the brink of death, only to be brought back via mouth to mouth resuscitation from this mysterious stranger.

The above is blatant speculation, and I’d like to know who’s responsible.

You may carry on. ~Dark_Matter


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