Dragon Born, Paladin former Frozen Sun


Ember was a true born, golden fire dragonborn. He was only a dozen years older then Beacon, and the reason why Beacon is a Frozen Sun. Ember embodied the Frozen Sun mentality. His large stature was only dwarfed by his strength of personality. This true born paladin became Beacons best friend and mentor. To this day, Beacon still tries to emulate his actions and lifestyle. Many thought that Ember would become the next Frozen Sun primarch. Unfortunately, two years ago he disappeared in the middle of the night. Some say Ember embarked on a secret quest, but Beacon believes rivals within the Frozen Sun clan (namely, Night Hawk) assassinated him. As the current primarch grows old and weak, other, more nefarious fractions have begun circling like vultures. If Beacon ever verified his suspicions, he would slaughter these murdering monsters or die trying. But for now, he has nothing more then hearsay and intuition to go by.



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