A crusty Dwarf Ranger of the wastes. Korash is a member of the Dunetrackers, an organization of self-sufficient wanderers that watch the trade routes of the major Dwarven Clan Holds and ensures the (relative) safety of those who traverse the sands.

picture by Wayne A. Reynolds


Korash, in his own words:

“Whas’ that? Never seen a Clan Hold before!? Well then, prepare ta be amazed!”

“Yer a funny lookin’ elf if ever I seen one.”

“Who said anything ‘bout feeling sorry for ya sad sacks of incompetence? I’m just making sure nobody dies on me Route.”

“Don’ make me come over there, lad.”


  • the heat of the Dune Sun on his face.
  • his Crossbow.
  • Havin’ lotsa time ta think.


  • Skinny, incantation-mumblin’ elves.
  • Burrower spawn
  • Creepy, sinister-lookin’ elves.
  • Waking up to find sand in his tobacco box.
  • Ok, really Elves.


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