The Age of Ash

Chapter 1, Session 3: Mausoleum and Arcane School


  • Beacon, Dragonborn Cleric
  • Pan, Eladrin Wizard
  • Le Gion, Half-Elf Warlock
  • Bree, Halfling Paladin
  • Sin, Tiefling Rogue


Awaking the following morning the group sets out to explore more of the first floor. South of their rest area they come across an apothecary room which features all of the tell-tale signs of a chemistry experiment gone terribly wrong: a massive crater in the floor and a malevolent glob of acidic jelly that attacks on sight.

Le Gion turns the corner of the corridor having followed the rest of the group’s tracks to this point, and notices a brightly glowing vial of brilliant red liquid. Sin immediately grabs the vial, which is identified by Pan as some sort of incendiary fluid. Unfortunately, Sin botches the thrown weapon attempt and covers Beacon in the flaming concoction. The jelly then obligingly gives Beacon an acid bath… supposedly it’s good for the pores. The amoeba-like creature splits into two halfway through the battle, but it is unable to resist the determined attacks of the party, especially once Le Gion throws his heavy-hitting arcane weight behind the battle.

  • Ochre Jelly x1

XP total: 300

In the aftermath of the battle, they determine that the remains of some kind of a humanoid creature can be discerned in the acidified crater, although the caustic nature of the chemical reaction leaves little evidence to go by other than the barest husk of a skeletal structure. Possibly a previous explorer of the ruins whose curiosity outweighed his common sense?

Continuing their exploration of the first floor, the group crosses past the main entrance of the Libram, their path channeled into another crossroads. Straight ahead is an apparent dead-end, to the left are a series of holding pens or prisons of some sort, and to the right the corridor continues into another section of the first floor. Before they can fully consider their options, the group is set upon by another group of Drakes streaming out of the (apparently thoughtlessly left open) holding pens. To their shock a tide of needlefang raptors swarms them all while a pair of larger drakes showers them with acid spit.

  • Spitting Drakes x2
  • Needlefang Swarm x2

XP total: 550

After defeating the vicious creatures Bree expresses interest in re-examining the book repositories they passed earlier. She stays behind on this level while the rest of the group continues it’s exploration.

Sin notices a pattern of disturbances in the layer of dirt in the floor around them. Following it’s path he is led to the seeming dead-end they saw earlier. After much examination Pan ascertains that the wall of this area is unlike the rest of the area: it is some kind of base elemental earth disguised as regular rock. Speaking the word of elemental command they had discovered written on a note earlier, the hidden passage swings clear and reveals a hidden storeroom. Amidst all the junk is a large pile of gold and a few highly useful magic items.

130 gp Cloak of Resistance +1 Resounding Maul +1

Their path is now clear to advance into the second section of the first floor.

They explore this section with little interruption, coming upon evidence of a second fatality in the group that preceded them to here. At the corner of a holding pen (what were the Arkhosians keeping in all of these cells anyway?) the remains of a human are discovered. Wearing the remains of a scholarly bluerobe, but with little else in the way of equipment, this poor soul appears to have been murdered by some sort of shock-inducing supernatural Terror effect. What kind of horrible vision could have frozen his heart suddenly enough to leave an expression of fear outlined on his decaying flesh?

Moving along swiftly the group ascends a staircase to arrive at the second floor: the Mausoleum. Ascending a staricase to some sort of emptied-out Gallery, where they battle a group of ancient guardian machines crafted in the shape of Dragonborn. The unstable ceiling gives way halfway through the battle, causing dangerous rockslide formations to break out. Through careful maneuvering (ie: senselessly flailing about while screaming hysterically), the party manages to use the rockslides to their advantage and trap the machines in them.

  • Warforged Warrior x2
  • Rockslide x2

XP total= 500

Turning away from the rubble-strewn Gallery, the party advances towards the central staircase that leads higher into the main tower of the Library. However, they find that fallen rubble blocks the path ahead… however, there is something else of interest in this area. From out of a bubbling fountain similar to the one they saw in the Gardens causeway, a ghost of some sort emerges to challenge the party. Unsure how exactly to proceed, the group attempted to gain information about the nature of the library from the cryptic ghost. Evenetually the ghost is convinced to leave the party undisturbed, however they were unsuccessful at gaining much useful information from the obscure spirit.

  • Skill Challenge = Ghost Negotiation

100 xp

Returning to the area of the rocklide in the Gallery, Le Gion suggests that they ascend the to the floor above through the hole in the ceiling caused by the rocklide. They emerge into some sort of Arcane school area, strewn with tables and bookshelves. There is some sort of statically-frozen Lightning field blocking their progress to a side-room, and south of that is a pool of charged elemental water. As Pan gazes into the depths he is suddenly assaulted by a vile Phantom. A team of ghostly guardians materializes around the pool and attacks the party at the Spectre’s command, but after defeating the Phantom the party discovers that they can avoid the ire of the Guardians by merely not disturbing the pool.

  • Spectral Guardian x2
  • Phantom x1

XP total: 525

Feel free to edit stuff in… I’m out of time to finish this tonight.

  • Belt of Vigor lvl. 2
  • Magical Blasting Powder
  • 60 gp of residuum dust.



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