The Age of Ash

Chapter 1, Session 2: Causeway and Entrance Hall


  • Beacon, Dragonborn Cleric
  • Pan, Eladrin Wizard
  • Le Gion, Half-Elf Warlock (Absent)
  • Bree, Halfling Paladin
  • Sin, Tiefling Rogue


  • Flint, Blue Dragon Wyrmling

The party uncovers two bound captives of the Sand Elves while exploring the tent camp: Sin and Bree. The two explain that they were being moved by the Elves as part of a trading contingent, likely to be sold to a neighboring Elf tribe. When freed, the two pledge their support to the cause of exploring the ancient library: Sin realizes an opportunity for the discovery of vast riches awaits him within, while Bree (affectionately known as “B“) is eager to seek out ancient religious texts that may be waiting within to be unearthed.

After breaking camp the party once again approaches the library door seeking entrance. Investigation of the outer door reveals that the cryptic draconic face protruding from the door has small channels bored into it’s eyes, surrounded by scorch marks. Recalling stories of arcane seals that would lock ancient Arkhosian burial sites, the party finally gains entry by Pan’s casting of Flaming Sphere to force fire magic into the depths of the door’s locking mechanism.

Cracking the Shell: Gained entrance into the library.

XP reward: 400 xp

Upon entering, the party uncovers a massively majestic open-air garden surrounding the main structures of the library. The grass and foliage here is all petrified, while the ruins of massive arches and pillars clutter the grounds. Sin sneaks south around the circular guard house, and spots two Fire Beetles lurking in the ruins. As the rest of the party advances warily, he begins the battle by striking a grievous wound to one of the beetles with his crossbow from hiding. However, the creatures offer stiff resistance and immolate the rest of the party with sprays of caustic, burning spit. From the north and south come Statue-like guardian constructs that flank the more vulnerable members of the party while the Beetles draw the attention of Beacon and Bree. Another guardian appears and pesters the party with thrown rocks. Pan’s Thunderwave hits Beacon and sends him flying over Bree into the southern ruins in an entertainingly Pin-Pong like toss… But in spite of wizardly shenanigans the battle is won.

Fire Beetle x2

Statuesque Guardian x2

Clay Slinger x1

XP total: 550

After defeating the creatures the party takes the time to drink in the sights of the ruined Gardens. The stone circle to the north features a Sun-dial in it’s center and inscribed on the interior facing stones are prayers and homages to a vast pantheon of gods, including Pelor. The reasoning behind the petrified grass eludes the party however, all of whom certainly expected no traces of vegetation at all to remain in the open-air gardens of the library. The surviving statues that surround the dried-up fountain all speak to a strong warrior-philosopher tradition among the Arkhosians: every warrior statue is robed in scholarly fashion and seems to hold a shield with which it symbolically guards books. Eventually even Beacon decides it is time to move on and enter the main hall of the library.

Pressing onward through the massive twin doors of the main structure of the library, a mighty greeting hall lit by great braziers of ever-burning elemental Fire is revealed. The tiles on the floor arrange to display a giant symbolic fresco, depicting a great swarm of multi-hued dragons swirling together and combining into a grand circular mass representing the god Io. The dust that stands in the air here smells musty and sickly sweet, reminding everyone of this place’s legacy: a glorious destiny of prosperity, but averted by cruel disaster.

Before all of these wonders can be truly enjoyed a distant screech sounds, alerting the group to the approach of an animalistic pack of Drakes looking for a meal. Bunching up in defensive posture inside the narrow Hall entranceway, the party is rushed by a group of flying drake skirmishers led by two mighty alpha drakes. The vicious attacks of the two alpha drakes seriously wound Bree and knock her unconscious, but Beacon succeeds in bringing her back from the brink of death with his powerful prayers of healing. Meanwhile Pan and Sin are harried with fly-by attacks by the spire-top drakes. As the struggle intensifies an ally joins the fray: a fluttering wyrmling that strikes at the drakes from the shadows, apparently inspired by the hard-pressed heroism of the party. His bumbling antics fail to cause much damage but distract the spiretop drakes long enough that the party can handle their larger cousins. Without the vicious leadership of their pack leaders, the spiretop drakes are quickly routed.

Guard Drakes x2

Spiretop Drakes x3

XP total: 550

Naturally enough, the small dragonling scores the final killing blow against a spiretop drake, despite having contributed little to the battle otherwise. He immediately begins to flutter around the party like a demented hummingbird, speaking excitedly. Eventually everyone calms down enough to get some basic information from the wyrmling: his name is Flint, and there are currently no other dragons residing in the Library. He recognizes a previous group of archaeologists that passed by earlier, but seems to have no definite idea of where they might be now, if they are even in the library.

He leads the group to the last location he remembers several of the previous visitors stayed at. On the way there the party passes through a larger reading room of sorts, where they find:

Ritual Book of Arcane Lock and Secret Page

25 gp worth of Potion components

Potion of Healing

There is a corner office of sorts that occupies the same floor that the party entered the Library on. This office area seems have remained fairly undisturbed since the last inhabitants were there, as numerous scraps of paper, books, and minor items rest comfortably around the room. Within the chest by the desk is discovered a robe of woven arcane fire, apparently stashed by previous occupants. Other items include gold and notes stashed around the room.

Fireburst Cloth +1.

A note with an Elemental command word written on it: “Arct’uus”

A letter (see next page)

70 gp



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